Friday, July 27, 2007

17 Years In the Making

If you could go back in time to January and said "I could only see one movie, what would it be?" It would not be Harry Potter, nor any other movie sequel that came out over the summer, I wouldn't even say Transformers. I could give you an answer in a blink of an eye. It is The Simpsons Movie. I've mentioned in the past my love of these lovable yellow cartoon characters, but really can't tell you how much joy they give me. As a young kid my dad HATED the Simpsons (Well, because Rush Limbaugh told him too) but I would sneak up stairs on Thursdays and watch.When they moved to Sunday nights I tried my hardest to get out of going to Sunday night church, even though it would be done by 7:30 I knew we would go to Bob Evans or Shoney's afterward, and I would miss something funny.

I still remember a time in Toledo when you could get 2 and a half hours of the Simpsons. 4:30 and 5:00 the CBC, then 5:30 till 6:30 on the local Fox station. I even remember when Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie actually beat every news cast at 5:00! I use to have a Krusty the clown doll in my news truck until the bastards in West Virginia made me take it down.

For months Shawn and I planned on seeing the movie on opening day. It looked like our plan was fading away when he was shoved of nightside to midday, but fate stepped in and I screwed up my thumb and it was on! Shawn, Melissa (his wife, my friend) and I (The Wife had to work) get our tickets, eat a burrito at Moe's and head into the theater. My biggest fear was that if was going to be like reason years. It seems The Simpsons have lost subtlety and well crafty stories and quick humor and has more of a hit you over the head with humor. I blame shows like South Park and Family Guy for making the Simpsons change, are the other show times, but with the Simpsons it's too much.

I learned everything I needed to know about the movie in 5 minutes. They give you one of the best supporting characters, Ralph, right of the top doing the 20th Century Fox theme, launch into a great Itchy and Scratchy bit and then Homer insults the audience... This was classic Simpsons. As with the show you get great comedic moments, touching moments and a good story. With this being a film the constraints of TV were lifted and they pushed farther than they every could... all I will say is Homer... middle finger. With most films they put all they funny parts in the trailers... I will tell you the bits in the trailer are the least funny moments, it's a joyride that ended to soon.

The one thing I can not get out of my head is the damn spider pig song. Spider pig, spider pig, does what ever a spider pig does, Does he swing from a web, no doesn't because he's a pig, watch out, for a spider pig. The big is great and steals a few scenes, but the greatest moment about the pig for Shawn, Melissa and myself is during the credits they play a supped up spider pig song and we hear a child in the front of the theater say. "Whatever happened to spider pig?" I nearly fell out of my seat laughing.

Did the movie meet my expectations... well not quit, I've been waiting too long and wanted too much. Was it worth $8.50? Yes it was. Will I make The Wife go see it? Oh you better believe it! Will I see it a third time if there is nothing else to do? For a matinee, probably I will, so take that for what it's worth. Go see the movie and relive the glory days of the Simpsons

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