Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It Will Be Awesome and You Know It!

As DCZ has already mentioned this month will be awesome because we have the full length The Simpsons Movie! I was in junior high when The Simpsons first hit the air waves. I loved it and my father hated it. "It's tearing apart the American family." So I wasn't allowed to watch, well at least not in the living room. I usually went up stairs and watched it in their bedroom. I have actually spent WAY too much money and currently own the first 10 seasons on DVD. I've had conversaions that were about nothing but The Simpsons I probably can figure out a Simpsons reference to any situation in life. While in college I created a theory that the Simpsons' made a money reference every fifth episode, I almost turned that in to a college paper (Thank you Bowling Green for having a Popular Culture department).

I may sound like a geek, but this show makes my day a little better. So while at work the other day it was mentioned that if you go to the Simpsons Movie website you can create a Simpsons' character. HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWESOME! I first made one that sort of looked like me, but I hated it so I started to create really stupid looking ones. My favorite is "what the average fan in line will look like the night the movie opens" guy. I know it's harsh, but you will probably see this guy at any theater you will go to. So go to the Simpsonsmovie.com and make your own character... and ok here what I might look like and yes I made my self a little slimmer... don't you judge me!

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mcriffle said...

I have a Simpson avatar as well: Mike Riff