Saturday, July 14, 2007

Only Typing With One Hand

No you sickos, it's not what you think! As you can see from the picture something is wrong with my hand.

Yesterday I was working with HyPClR yesterday on a story about teaching people English, by having them learn to read and write in their own language first, it's supposedly easier that way. I'm shooting away and I pick up my camera off the table and felt a sharp pop in my hand. It was one of the sharpest pains I have ever felt. My hand started to contort into a strange position. I find HyPCLR and tell him I need to go to the hospital. We inform the station that I'm done shooting for the day.I call The Wife and tell her which hospital I'm at.

About 3 hours later I found out that one of the tendons that goes over my thumb, somehow chipped off part of the knuckle bone in the thumb. I now have to go to a Orthopedic specialist and see what has to be done. Best case scenario is just a case for a while. Worst

I do get a few days off and will probably have to start editing, which will be hard with just one hand. It's taken me 20 minutes to just type this. At least this happened at work, so now I am suckling on the teet of Workers Compensation. Also NO IT'S NOT A STRESS FRACTURE FROM "DOING SOMETHING ELSE." I'm looking at you Wilson.

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Schattenjager said...

Your right hand , EH?
Ahh, poor girl.