Saturday, September 16, 2006

Favorite Season

In Ohio we have four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Football. We in Ohio love all levels of football NFL, College and High School and the last one is where I'm going with this post. As I have stated in the past I grew up in the town of Ironton. We were known for two things the longest consecutive Memorial Day parade and football. Almost where ever I go and I say I grew up in Ironton I hear "Ironton huh, they got a good team." Because of the town's love for it's football I grew up knowing nothing else. I still love it, that's why I love my job every Friday and then also Saturdays during the playoffs. I get to see some of the states best teams on a regular basis. So every week I'm going to try and do a little wrap of what I shot. Since it is Week 4 I'm going to do a quick review of all the previous weeks in one big post

Week One
Ironton 24 Wheelersburg 21. Since I'm from Ironton I got to do this Marquee Match-up. Since I graduated Wheelersburg (The Burg) has become a big rival. How big? It's probably the second biggest behind the 100+ year rivalry with Portsmouth. It was a close game and Ironton won it in the final three minutes. T-I-G-E-R-S TIGERS! TIGERS! TIGERS!

Week Two
Toledo Central Catholic vs Hilliard Darby. I do not know the final score nor do I care. In the first quarter I was shooting one of the referees prostate awareness bracelet (a la Lance Armstrong, just light blue) when I whipped the camera back to the game as the play starts. I notice something was on the ground. Come to find out it was one of the refs. He had a massive heart attack and had to be revived with the paddles. I found out later he either died on the way or at the hospital. My condolences to his family. I will never be able to go to Hilliard Darby's stadium and feel good about being there.

Westerville South 42 Westerville North 7. I now live in the Ville and my niece and nephew both graduated from there. So it was interesting to see them destroy North the way they did. I do not have a lot of respect for Division I central Ohio teams (The largest teams in Ohio), but they could do some damage in the play offs. Go South.

Week Three.
Upper Arlington 17 Findlay 10. Ugly game that UA should have dominated and at the same time Findlay should not have lost. Upper was up early and allowed Findlay back in it. Upper looked like they were trying not too loose and Findlay could not get a break from turnovers. Findlay could be the best 0-3 and now 0-4 team in Ohio. I think they are out of the play offs, but could play spoiler the rest of the year. UA just needs to play the whole game and they will do descent this year... State champs? Not a chance.

Week Four (This week)
Beechcroft 14 Mifflin 7 (The last known score). This is how all games need to start. Beechcroft went 95 yards on the opening kickoff to score. Then Mifflin (I kid you not they are called the Punchers) scores on their first drive. Before the end of the first quarter Beechcroft's QB threw a "laser" and just past the defender and the score is now 14-6. I normally hate city league games because it's usually a lot of running and filled with penalties, but I liked the speed of this game.

Columbus St. Francis DeSales 35 New Albany 14. I walk in the gate see DeSales is about to score, get in position and they score a touchdown. "Wow I'm going to get a ton of highlights tonight!" Then nothing. I cursed myself. DeSales did get a could more TDs but not that interesting of a game.


Anonymous said...

please don't use YELLOW when doing this gig.

J Dog said...

I blame the high schools for that. Didn't they know blogging would come around and yellow would not be work?