Saturday, September 23, 2006

Favorite Season Week 5

This week was a week of craptitude. It was raining and the four team's combined record was 3-13. With the best team being 2-2. Wow total quality was expected here! I hate central Ohio football.

Harvest Prep 24 Grandview 14
This game started out really slow. Run 2 yards, run 3 yards, pass goes incomplete, and then punt. Luckily it started to pick up near the end of the first quarter. Harvest Prep threw a bomb and took a 6 nothing lead. Grandview had an amazing run where the guy bounces off one of his own team mates, goes outside and scores. Two quality highlights for tonight show. Grandview is about to kick off with 9 seconds left in the 1st. I wasn't going to shoot the kick off but my better judgement got to me. Grandview kicks off it takes a weird bounce and next thing you know Harvest's return guy slips and fumbles the ball at the goal line and grandview recovers for the touchdown. Three highlights and I am gone to the next game.

Whetstone 42 Linden McKinley 14 Wow this game was not good. Every sloppy play from two teams that are not that disciplined. Whetstone was better, but that's not saying a lot. It just was not a fun game to watch. One small OK spot of this game was that McKinley has a Sophomore QB that has an arm on him. If he doesn't try to force the ball and look for his check downs he might turn out to be half descent.

Next week I get to shoot a good game of two undefeated teams, Cambridge and Dover. I guess one really bad week to get a fantastic game the next is a fair trade off.

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