Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's In a Baby Name Update

I was going to wait till Thursday for a follow up post, but I am shocked at the number of voters I have had so far. You have to remember, according to Google Analytics I average 23-30 hits a day and so far within less than a week I have had 23 votes! First of all Cash took a big lead and is holding everyone at bay with 13 votes. Second place is Nathan with 6, but that's 6 has mostly been votes from the last three days. Then there is the strange shocker of the list... J Dog. Who is voting J Dog... seriously guys, that's the joke name, I know Boston Stevie voted J Dog to be neutral, but I don't by it, he's trying to pull a Pat Buchanan here and mess everything up.

Since I posted the poll I found out that you can not rig the vote by voting every day, one computer IP one vote. Now if you were to log onto every computer you have access too like, 6 edit bays, then you have 6 votes. I'm not saying Shawn is doing this, but who knows, I can't track that kind of thing. My personal goal for this vote is 100. If we get it there, then I think that should be binding and the laws of the land will back me and we will name Shawn and Melissa's baby whatever wins.


Tarable said...

I was just looking at baby names today and thought Cash was kind of cool.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't like any of the names proposed. I think you should expand the poll and add George to the list. After all Melissa's FAVORITE uncle's (al be it her only uncle) middle name is George. George is a fine name and it just exudes strength and character! Oh yes, I forgot her father is George too!

Shawn (Cash's dad) said...

I'm not opposed to bribes here people. Got a favorite Uncle Homer...nephew named Flanders...drunk brother named Barney (see a theme here people) just start the bidding. George is a fine name but nothing less than $100 opening bid will do.

J Dog said...

Wait, when did this site become Ebay?

Isn't George the name of a monkey? He hung out with a guy in a yellow hat.