Saturday, June 21, 2008

Making Things Better

This was kind of a rough week and Friday was the epitome of that. I was dealing with incompetence and people who's news judgement were, well, not very clear nor good and it was driving me crazy. Oh did I also mention I had to deal with President Bush and I did not find that information out till 3:30 and his "drive by" was at 4:30. I'm not going into the annoyance of the day, all I will say is I got everything done that needed to be done. Was it pretty? No, but it got done.

Shawn could see that everything was taking a toll so he, Mellisa and I went to the Wake Forest Carolina Ale House to have a few adult beverages and some food. I went all out bad with the food, a chili Cheddar cheese burger with fries and they had $2 Killians. After a few drinks (not Mellisa, nobody want baby Cash drunk yet) and some good conversation I went home feeling better.

Yet I knew I was still not where I needed to be. Even though a lot of the house is packed, I had one cigar out for just an occasion. I'm not a smoker, but every once in a while I do enjoy a good cigar. So I when out back and lit my Monticello White and relaxed. It was a perfect night, it was in the low 70s, the crickets were chirping and every once in a while a lighting bug would dance on by. I also put Lucy on the lead and gave her a little late night snack she was so calm I actually let her off the lead and she stayed in the backyard, normally when that happens I have to chase her down.

For an hour I sat out there and just relaxed. That's what was needed and I feel so much better, normally I would be bruiting over Friday till probably Tuesday, but now I am done with it.

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