Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Pup Named Lucy Lu

OK I took some flack from people thinking I called my dog stupid. I don't think she is stupid and this week I am finding out how smart she is. She has figured out the concept of "catching." We bought a blue squeaky ball and she loves that think. I decided to throw it in the air and next thing I know she caught it! Out of the next 10 times she caught it three which is not too bad, she's a pup and overly excited and forgets to either open her mouth or just close it.

I picked up a treat and wanted to test her catching ability, well come to find out she is just going to wait for the treat to land... after it bounces off her head. So she is making the mental discussion to wait for the treat to land, why do the extra work and try and get it in the air when she can get it off the floor.

Enough on tricks, I think is knows something is up with the move. She has been freaking out ever since the boxes moved into the living room. She wants to know what's in the boxes and must get everything out of them. She's just been off the wall as well, we can't wear her out. She's been up at three AM and then again at five, she just wants to play.

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Schattenjager said...

If you toss her that treat over an open grate or bridge where if it isn't caught it will disappear, she will quickly learn to catch.