Friday, March 28, 2008

Thinning Out the Herd

As I sit in the video distribution room, there seems to be a lot less people, that because there are less people. With two teams losing all of the media covering exit stage left and head back home. On one hand it's great because we get to spread out and have more room. On the other hand it's less people and someone who might be interesting has left. I don't feel too sad, because I'm still here and that means at least two more days away from the office.

This is just one of the prices everyone has to pay when you cover a one and done tournament, you think you are going to have a full four or five days and all the sudden you have to go home and do your normal job. For all the complaining I may do, I'd rather stay out here and work long days than do the normal routine. Would I want to do this type of life style all the time... no, but it's a great change or pace and can make things a little easier when I do return to the daily grind.

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