Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Things We Do

As I am typing this I am sitting outside the lovely Durham county courthouse awaiting for my story and subsequent live shot. If you had not heard they finally caught the second guy that may have killed UNC student Eve Carson. That happened Chapel Hill, so why am I in another county? Not because he was arrested here, it's because he may have killed someone else prior to Eve. I know this post is sounding a little morbid, and depressing... well like the news, but my tale is not about this story, but what we do in our waiting time.

I'm with The Serg and when we are working together it's like pop culture overload. Tons of obscure references and silly comments. While standing on the porch trying to get someone to answer the door, I thought of a new game. Who's career would you rather have. You basically take two celebrities and decide who you'd rather be.. ie the first one was Prince or Bon Jovi; we both picked Prince. The Serg asked Tina Turner or Cher, I went with Cher, because I didn't want to deal with the beatings of Ike Turner, yet I had to consider that video where she was wearing that duct tape and fish net thing... I don't thing that would look good on me. Next was who would you rather be, the other guy from Wham! or Oats. It was decided Oats because at least I knew his name.

Here are a few more you to mull over:

Rodney Dangerfield or Oingo Boingo
Bangles or the Go Gos
Jean Claude Van Dam or Steven Seigel
Bobby Brown or one of the guys from Bel Biv Devo
One of the guys from Color Me Bad or one of the guys from O Town
The guy who was Alf or the guy who was HR Puff n Stuff
Charles Neslon Rieley or Paul Lynn
Men With Out Hats or Dexies Midnight Rinners or Flock of Seagulls

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