Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Make Me Pull This Computer Over!

I know I just posted about my NCAA trip next week, but this is really getting my goat. The Wife and I recently reorganized our CDs out of their cases and into a large CD folder. Since we buy albums from iTunes we don't go to the store and buy many CDs any more so this is saves a lot of space.

While organizing I notices a bunch of CDs were not ripped onto our computer (Stupid computer meltdown of aught 7!) I start to load them in with Windows Media Player because my MP3 player is not recognized by iTunes, and things were going fine till iTunes decided to open up every time I put in a new CD. SO I had two programs trying to rip music off of the same CD and it was causing things to go very slow.

It's now to the point I'm closing down iTunes every time it starts up. I'm not a fan of Windows Media Player, yet because of the fact iTunes won't allow non iPods to come in and play I'm stuck with this stupid situation.


Levy said...

I don't know if you're running Vista, but I'm sure all the previous versions of Stupid Windows has a way to change that.

For Vista, check out this tutorial.

You can change what Windows does when you insert a CD, so it won't auto open iTunes.

J Dog said...

But this way does not involve a sledgehammer