Friday, March 14, 2008

I thought Learning Physics Was Tough

I am confused about tonight's episode of Lost, I'm not 100% sure what actually happened, but I'll give it a shot. For the post part it was about Jin and Sun as we find out that Sun is the 6th member of the Oceanic 6 (I'm taking partial credit, I thought it would be Jin). We find out that Sun has made it off the island and is giving birth. Then there is the tricky thing that is throwing me off. They kept showing Jin, King Tom thinks it is a flash back to throw us off, I am not too sure about that. Maybe he is alive and he is working for Ben or Witmore, either way that can not be good.

I was shocked at how Juliet convinced Jin and Sun to stay on the beach. I think telling Jin about Sun's affair was a very Ben move. I think she wants off the island like the rest of the losties, but there is something there that almost seems that she is going to stay. Maybe Ben has a stronger hold on her than she realizes.

The biggest shock of the episode is the return of Micheal I mean Kevin Johnson. Other people who find little nuggets of information realized this weeks ago, I did not so I was surprised by Micheal being the one who is Ben's informant on the boat. I guess Ben convinced him to help him a little bit more, "Hey I helped you get off the island, I need your help."

What is up with everyone killing themselves on the boat? What effect does the water around the island do? One woman jumps off the ship and another blows his brains out. Man, note to self, so not go on any freighter trips to islands of mystery.

Overall this was a good episode, but after what we got two weeks ago and part of last week this was a little bit of a downer. If this episode would have happened last year it would have been a top 10 instead it's only going to end up in the middle... I hope. With only 16 episodes for this seasons, there can't be that many meh shows. No random thoughts because, well there wasn't many.

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