Friday, March 21, 2008

Prodical Castaway Returns

I liked this weeks episode of Lost, but for some reason there was a disconnect for me. Maybe it's because I stayed up a little to late playing poker last night and I'm still a little tired. The one thing I find interesting is the fact you never really see Walt. The big problem is that he's suppose to be 10 yet in real life he keeps aging and he is going to be 16 this May. The writers have been doing a good job keeping the character in the show without really showing him.

For the first time, I think we actually were given out a lot of valuable information. We find out that Whitemore was the one who planted the plane and that people from the island have a problem dying. We also have conformation that the sea people are in fact wanting to kill everyone.

I think there needs to be a list of created TV characters and Ben is going to be near the top. That guy is so evil, yet at times you feel that he some how is trying to protect the greater good. Has there ever been a more manipulative guy on TV? Has has everyone eating out of his hand. Even after Alex finds out that Ben is not her real father and she still listened to him. Or course that led to the possible death of Rousseau and Karl. He also got into Micheal's head. I loved the line about Ben doesn't kill innocents, yet when Micheal called him out that Micheal had to kill Anna Lucia and Libby the response was, Ben didn't tell him to kill them, Micheal killed them. Damn, that cut him hard.

I'm not pleased with the fact I have to wait a month for new episodes, I know the writer strike threw everything off, but I want more as usual. Here are a few random thought.

We saw a lot of dead people in this episode; George McCaskey, Naomi, Libby and Tom.

What kind of super powers does Miles have? We know he talks to ghost, but what else is there.

Interesting that Sawyer is starting to question Locke about not giving everyone answers.

I'm thinking Miles opened Locke's eyes a little about Ben with his pound cake line.

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