Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fire made it better

The 4th of July is good for three things:
  1. America's independence
  2. Blowin' "stuff" up
  3. cook outs

With that said I will attempt to blog today's wonderful events, So previously on the 4th

9:00Am Wake up and shower

10:00Am The Wife makes breakfast and we soon realize that the USA network is running a Law & Order marathon. Those bastards! How can we clean if they do this to us every holiday.

11:00AM-4:00Pm we finally start cleaning the house and it looks great!

4:00 PM I get to run chores including dropping off parking passes to family and friends. Final stop is Krogers, I needed to pick up marshmallows, chocolate, and gram crackers for Smores. Mind you we don't have an open flame, just a grill

5:00- 7:00PM Prep the food and get ready for family.

From this point on I will be trying to live blog the night.


7:10 Everyone shows up and I'm not ready to start the food... oops! Wait a second! Why is everyone on time... what about being fashionably late.

8:00PM Food is almost done!

OK I suck at this live blogging thing. What happened the rest of the night was fireworks that rocked! Westerville did a really good job with this years show.

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