Monday, May 05, 2008

Election Fun

When I moved to North Carolina I was hoping to get away from election drama. Well, that has not happened. Even though, the North Carolina primary is one of the last primaries it now is of great importance. Hillary Clinton needs to do well to keep Barack Obama from having a chance of winning out right. So this means I have to cover the candidates and their families. Monday's assignment is covering Bill Clinton in a library. I am not looking forward to this; a small location, secret service, "outside issues" which I am not at liberty to discuss.

The big thing with these assignments is they are a lot of work for not a lot of air time. The event is suppose to start till 6:00pm, yet the set up is at 2:30. I know the event will not start on time and will last probably an hour or more. These press events are like tornado, they roll in and you feel like you've been pulled all over the place and you end up walking around afterwards wondering what just happened. These events are not for the people in the community, most of the people there will have been hand picked and they just want TV cameras to be there so that more people will see it. I think the '04 Presidential election then the '06 Ohio governors race has turned me off of covering elections. I just hope today does not suck .

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King Tom said...

Is it me, or does Bill look like Bob Barker in that picture?