Saturday, April 26, 2008

Home Alone

The Wife left Friday afternoon for a women's retreat and won't be home till late on Saturday, so you know what that means... PAR-TAY!!! Oh man did it get wild on Fried Chicken Dr, there were ladies, guys, cigars, copious amounts of alcohol I mean the cops even showed up... to PAR-TAY! Woooo what a blast!

OK, that was a lie, you all know me and probably figured out my night alone and if you said order a pizza and watch seasons 3 and 5 of the Simpsons then you won the prize (as usual the prize is a hug from me). It's pretty sad state of affairs for me, but at the same time it was totally awesome. So I am now resigned to the fact I am a married guy and have become "that guy." I was never a partier, but I use to go out. Oh well, Lucy and I had fun any ways.


King Tom said...

Simpsons seasons 3-5 is definitely quality. Hope you had fun. The Civee had to go to Cincinnati Wednesday-Thursday, so I had a night alone too. Watched the Yankees game- the whole game. Not too shabby.

Schattenjager said...

To bad you were so far away. I'm sure I could have spiced up the weekend.

Lauren said...

you party animal!

Anonymous said...

JB, I'm not even married, but having a live-in girlfriend has led me to discover that even without being married, I've always been "that guy." Just no real desire to be social. Funny huh?

And I agree with Tom, you can never go wrong with The Simpsons (particularly when Dr. Zaius is a guest star).