Saturday, May 24, 2008


This past Wednesday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. It's a little amazing that it has been two years already, we have been through a lot. We moved to North Carolina 6 months after the wedding to a place where we only knew two people, that alone could have been disastrous. Yet, we are still together. We were told that the first year was the hardest and to be honest it was very tough. Even though we had been dating for almost three years there were little things we had to figure out, then there was always being around each other and finally finances. For use the finances was the toughest issue, I had a lot of debt and she had just lost her job. There were many a fights, but we still loved each other.

The move down here could have ended it, yet it has worked for us. We were told my family members that we were moving to avoid our problems. For me the move was never about avoidance, it was about a chance to finally get financial secure. I think we have proven that person wrong, look at us we are buying a house. We would never have been able to do that in Columbus. The move also made us closer, we had to, we didn't know anyone else. We have made friends, but we can be comfortable with each other.

I can understand why we have a high divorce rate, but at the same time I wonder if these people actually knew what they were getting into or were they willing to work at the marriage. Who knows, I'm just wonder what the next two years will bring for us.


King Tom said...

Congratulations to the missus and yourself, J-Dog!!

It can be trying at times, and I know exactly what you're talking about, but the whole marriage thing is worth it.

shawn said...

The next two years will bring a kid....ours needs a play-mate!!!

J Dog said...

Thanks King, I believe you guys are coming up soon to your 2nd anniversary.

Shawn... NOOOOOO! (Runs and hides)

mcriffle said...

Congratulations from me as well. I wish you both the best.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shawn!