Monday, May 19, 2008

Flight of the Awesome!

I've been in a blogging funk, I've been stuck wanting to write, but unable to get the words out. I'd sit down and open up blogger, but as I start a new blog, I look at Risk and I decided to play that instead. Then the other issue is I usually blog when I get off of work, but lately I'd rather go to bed and read for a while. Reading has helped me with my writing, yet it also is taking me away from it. So to get back into it here is a post I can knock out quickly and it is a good topic.

For a while now I was told about this band called Flight of the Conchord; they had a show on HBO and I was told they where hilarious. With a name like that it was hard to remember and I never got the spelling correct. Finally, someone sent me a link and I tell you what, it was genius! The above video is called Business Time and it is 1. hilarious 2. we crafted 3. catchy.

Flight of the Conchords are a "Folk/Afro-beat/Comedy" duo from New Zealand, and musically they sound a little cheesy, but that's part of the craftiness. I love the lyrics are classic, my favorite line so far is in the song "A Kiss is Not a Contract," the song is about kissing does not lead to sex. The line is "They call it a (pants) fly because it takes you up to heaven." Another example is in the video below. "Red heads not war heads, blonds not bombs, we're talking brunettes not fighter jets." I can't stop laughing when I listen to every song.

They just released an album and you need to go out and listen to it. If you want go to youtube and look around. Who knew two kiwi's could be this great.

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