Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've been watching the ALCS on Fox this week and they obviously have a deal with the Transformers Movie, which came out this past Tuesday. I don't have a problem with the movie or the pimping of said movie. Its part of sports now, TBS ran promos for their new show Frank TV every 5 seconds, well it felt like every five seconds.

I have a problem with one of the commercials. I keep hearing the announcer say "It's been call one of the most original movies of the year." WHAT?!?! Original? How can a movie be based off a cartoon/comic books/action figures from the 80s. I keep missing who wrote that, because I want to find that person and smack them in the back of the head. Are we to the point where a movie based off a cartoon considered original? I know just about every movie this summer was a sequel, or at least felt like a movie I'd already seen. Hell, there was a movie based off a musical that was based, get this OFF A MOVIE! Sweet mother of pearl, Hollywood needs a kick in the head.
Edit: After Levy mentioned that he heard original in the commercial I believe he is right. So I have made corrections.


levy said...

I noticed that, too, and thought the exact same thing.

I thought the announcer said "the most original film this year," but either way it's just plain stupid.

It's based off an animated kids show from 25 years ago. Original? Unique? Only if it's opposite day.

dcza said...


I've moved.


Eldest Niece said...

Oh my uncle, sometimes I do think you can be dramatic. But hey, thats okay.