Monday, October 01, 2007

Random Weekend

It was a weird weekend and I wanted to write about a few things, but never got a chance to, so I'm going to do another Random thoughts:

No Way I Could Win
Saturday night The Wife had to work and I was invited over to watch the Ohio State game with Shawn. During the game The Wife called, she asked if she could come over if she got off early enough. I asked and Shawn gave the thumbs up. Now flash forward to around half time, The Wife calls and she is leaving her sit, mentions she's tired and was going to go home and watch the game. I give an OK are your sure response and I thought that was that. Later in the conversation (as OSU is driving down the field) she mentions, "I guess you don't want me to come over." WHAT?!?!?! When she mentioned that she was going home, my response SHOULD have been, "Oh baby, come over here, I want to see you, I can not enjoy this game without you." Stupid me I did not read the signs.

I know woman are hard to figure out alone, and then you have to try and figure what code. I seriously thought she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I get off the phone and Shawn it chuckling a little and asked what happens. I tell him and ask "I can't win this can I?" His response, "Nope, no way out." Woman!

I did get permission to write this, but I could have misread the signs AGAIN, so I might be sleeping on the couch for the rest of the week.

Bad Food
After getting down here, I found out that the Carolina's have their own kind of barbecue and it no where NEAR what you think it is. Instead of being a plate of cooked beef or pork covered in a delicious red sauce, Carolina BBQ is pulled pork that has been simmering in a vinegar based "sauce" and then served on a plate. I've had it enough to almost acquire a taste, The Wife.... not so much.

On Friday I had a great brisket sandwich and was craving traditional BBQ. I knew of a place that service really good BBQ, but after we got there, we found out that it was closed. We turn on the GPS and find another place 5 miles away. We get there and I already know it's not going to be what I wanted. We walk in and order some barbecue. When the order came, it was a plate of pulled pork. CRAP! I wanted the other kind of BBQ.

We start to eat and this was the salties food I have ever had, and it tasted horrible. We tried hot sauce, adding more of the vinegar sauce, and we even asked if they had normal BBQ. She brought out the stuff they cook the chicken in and it smelt like a dirty gym sock. We look at each other and just got up paid for a dinner we barely touched. I felt ill for the rest of the day, my stomach was turning over and was burping the salty taste all day.

I will never go back to that place again and I'm not sure I want Carolina barbecue any more.

Even though I felt sick all day Sunday I knew Monday for lunch I was getting free lunch at Chipotle. For some reason I have business cards. While at The Network I gave out maybe 30 to actual people, but I put about 100 in different fish bowls at restaurants around the state. So when I got new business cards I put one in ever fish bowl I could find. I almost never win, except at Chipotle, this is my second time winning. The last was 25 free burritos and this Monday was just for 10. The only problem was it had to be before noon and it was closer to my house than the station. I found only two people to go with me, Shawn and Melissa, but I was going to order one for The Wife.

I think the greatest tasting burrito is a free burrito. It's so exciting, you go to the cash register and you don't have to give them any money! The three of us enjoyed out free food (FYI we did have to pay for chips and drinks for $2.80), then I got a great idea, I still have to order The Wife's burrito, but I still have 6 free burritos (Where is Levy when you need him!) so I ordered an extra one for dinner tonight. What's better than one free burrito? How about two! I hope I have done Levy proud.


AaronG said...

I'm not much of a BBQ eater -- up north when you say "Wanna have some BBQ?" that means hot dogs, hamburgers on the grille -- but when I have eaten it (and it has been in North Carolina) I prefer the vinegar based BBQ.

Best BBQ ever was at a friends wedding. The pork was shredded in the actual pig and you just picked it out and ate it. It was outstanding.

J Dog said...

Ah the pig pull. I have heard of it, but I have not been to one yet. Our churchhad one, but I had to work.