Saturday, October 13, 2007


I know I have not posted for a while and I'm thinking it's because I had a loss. It was very traumatic, My Albino Cory Cat Chi Chi VI died. I know your probably wondering "Why the hell is he upset about a fish dying?" Here's why, I've had that fish longer than I have known The Wife. When I moved to Columbus I set up a fish tank and the one fish my family always buys is an albino cat fish. When I was you we were told that they are great for a tank, they help keep it clean. So we bought one and every time one died, we always got another. We named the first one Chi Chi after one of my dad's coworkers, he had a mustache and it kind of looked like the one on the cory cat.

So the first set of fish one was the cory cat, and then he never died. I moved him from "the ghetto apartment" off of Karl Ave in Columbus to the cheap nicer neighborhood apartment, then I moved into The Wife Condo. He even made the nine hour drive to North Carolina with me (Out of the 9 fish 6 survived the drive, but only 4 lived more than two weeks after that) and then the move to Fried Chicken Dr. He has survived 1 ich attack, 1 for of fin rot, and multiple algae attacks on the tank and one of these attacks lasted for over three months. He never died, he always survived. I thought he was a super fish.

The one thing about albino cory cats is they lay on on the tank floor and have the tendency to look like they are dead. I normally lightly tape the glass or feed the others and he races around the tank like an ADD kid after finding a candy bar, OK like me after I find a candy bar. Then last weekend Chi Chi VI was "playing dead," but my little tricks were not working. I was getting sad because I thought we was dead. I grab the dead fish net and start to scoop him up. He would perk up and try to swim around. I could tell something was up, He was dying. What do I do, make it quick, well quick for me and flush him now, or do I wait and see if it will pass. I choose the latter and two days later he was laying in the middle of the tank and this time he did not move when the net came to scoop him out.
I know he's just a fish and I will probably go out and by a new one, considering I've already bought six others. It's the fact that he has been with me for so long. I'm always moving and nothing seems to be consistent, except for 4 years with a little cory cat named Chi Chi VI. May you rest in peace in that great fish tank in the sky.


dcz said...

Don't worry about me Jeremy, *glub* *glub*. I'm doin' really well now. All the pain is gone, *glub* *glub* now that I'm up here in Fish Heaven.

By the way, Chi Chi V sends his regards.

Schattenjager said...

The best thing about deep fried Albino Cory Cat is if you get some stuck in your teeth no one will notice. ;-)