Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Pink Eye

I have never worked in a place that has had this many pink eye epidemic. Within the last 5 months we have had at least 3 out breaks. Everywhere I have worked I've seen at least one out break but this is getting ridiculous. I first went through the producers and a couple or reporters then more producers and an editor and now its the producers and sports. I would guess part of the problem is the producers share desks and then they go into the edit bays and it spreads from there.

I'm not a hypochondriac, but I am freaking out over this new cycle. Even though I am now avoiding the edit bays like the plague, I usual the docking station near sports, who am I kidding all the docking stations for the photographer laptops are near sports. Plus, I'm having my usual fall allergy attack and every time my eyes get dry I keep thinking I have pink eye.

I think the biggest reason that I'm freaking out is that I only have 3 hours of sick time left. With the two injuries and my previous allergy attack I can't get sick for the rest of this year. If I do get the pink eye I better get it today, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm taking Thursday and Friday off. It would suck to have it, but at least I'd only loose 5 hours and not more.

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levy said...

I got diagnosed with pink eye twice while at The Network, but it turned out to be something else.

Blepharitis looks a lot like pink eye, but it's a bacterial infection.

Also, it isn't contagious, as is pink eye.

Good luck avoiding it, my friend.