Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yes, This is Where I Grew Up

So I'm editing the mid day webcast like any other day when I get to a story about a duct tape robber. I look at the slug with curiosity and grab the video over to my computer. I start looking at the idiot (that's him to the left) and laughing at how stupid he is. I start trying to find video of the store in the package and I see a name Shamrock Liquors... that sounded familiar and that's when I noticed the street sign in the foreground, 13th street and also a city logo... Ashland.


For the people that know me I grew up in the small river town of Ironton, Ohio which is near Huntington, WVa and you guessed it Ashland, Ky. I've even been to that store with Wilson. I had a friend live down the street from there.

The Story goes that Kasey Kazee walked into Shamrock Liquor store with his face covered in duct tape... you know to conceal his identity. The owner of the store hits him with a bat covered in (sweat irony) duct tape while an employee chokes out Mr Kazee.

I start of laughing and then it hits me: Why is it that all the idiots from back home are the ones to make national news, ney INTERNATIONAL NEWS! I am dumb founded and hoped it was just the photos. I was not lucky there, WSAZ interviewed the guy in holding and he, get this, denies being the "Duct Tape Bandit." His reasoning was that during the interview he says "Look at me, do I look like the Duct Tape Bandit baby, I ain't no Duct Tape Bandit, you hear me..." Hello moron they have you with the tape on your face, then a picture with the tape off. You are not going to fool any one, I don't think the Chewbecca defense is even going to help you.
Just once I would love to see a story come from the Tri-State that is good. No more triple homicides, guys burying his daughter in a trash can, and no more duct tape fueled mayhem. I might be asking too much.


levy said...

Maybe if he used gaffers tape he would have gotten away with it. It comes off much easier than duct tape.

Schattenjager said...

Now where am I going to buy my Guinness? or Widmer Brothers Hefewizen?

J Dog said...

This was the crappy store up towards the galaria not the good one with Lambic