Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not the Donuts!

As I am still on the DL, I was forced onto the morning show this past Friday and I found one story disturbing; Krispy Kreme donuts if filing for bankruptcy. I will admit I am a fan of the deep fried pastry and I do enjoy a good KK glazed. The best thing about Krispy Kreme is the fact they have a sign on the front of the building letting people know that the donuts are HOT NOW. Getting a donut straight off the conveyor belt is nirvana! It's hot, gooey, and melts in your mouth.

The first time I ever had Krispy Kreme was when I was a rookie in Toledo, I'm not talking about the donuts that you find in gas stations. Yes those are Krispy Kreme, but they are shipped and I think they lose something. I'm talking about the actual store, we were doing a live shot at the nearby movie theater. The engineer and I were hungry and he wanted coffee, we enter and I hear the greatest phrase known to the English language. "Good morning, would you like a donut." I look around to Matt the engineer, "What do you mean... free." I ask hoping so. "Yes, the first is on us." HELL YEAH, it's a free donut. We proceed to eat our free donut and order a couple more donuts and some coffee. I seriously think they put a chemical in donuts that make you crave it fortnightly. I then noticed something none donut in a glass case. At the time I thought it was the coolest hat known to man, it was a green hat with a red circle with the classic KK logo. I bought one and wore it for years. I actually cracked it out the other day just for nostalgia.
So when I heard the sweet provider of lard and increasing waste lines was filing I was crushed. Even though bankruptcy for a company is different than it is for you and I, it is still a bad sign. If they go under then where will I be able to find piping hot donuts at anytime of the day? I also still have not full filled my greatest fantasy, to lick the conveyor belt of it's sweet sweet glaze. I know that will probably kill me, but hell it would be worth it.

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