Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Computer News

The new computer is working pretty well, even though it is made my the same people as the last computer it's set up completely different. We are still waiting for the old computer to be shipped back to the store and I was a day away from going crazy on the geek squad again, but The Wife stopped me. She got a call from the manager (even though my number is the new primary... I think he's afraid of me), he informed her that the computer "should" be back sometime this week and we had two options: number one is to give us a flash drive of the info we need, or number two make the old hard drive into an external and give us that. Hmmm let me think, flash drive or finally have an external hard drive, oh yeah and the drive would be a 250GBs. I'll take the external drive please! I'm still not happy with the squad, but they are making up for all the mistakes.

I wonder though, if they keep screwing up can I get a flat screen TV out of this... probably not, but it would be nice.

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