Friday, June 08, 2007

Holy Crap My Face is Melting

Last August 3rd I mentioned it was freaking hot in Columbus. Well just over 8 months later I'm in Wake Forest, NC and


According to JDOG-17 weather people it's going to be in the high 90s. Did you catch that, the high 90s and it's not even summer yet.

This morning The Wife left for work and made me go outside to feel the heat. It's only 8:30am but it's in the mid 80s. By the time I left the YMCA It was in the 90s. I went home took a shower (bad move) and decided that I need to hit some golf balls so I don't embarace myself in front of my father in law and then two days later with my dad. I get a small bucket of 70 balls and I'm not even half way through and I am sweating more than Wilson with two of his lady friends in the same room. I finish my bucket and I am soaked. I have to go take another shower. I knew it would be warmer, but damn is this hot.

We've had 90s all week and I handled it pretty well and then the weather gods throw this day out and all I can do is sweet. I did want to lose 10 pounds before I came home and well, I guess I'll just sweat it out... stupid insulation!


P.S. I know I didn't post for a few days, I've had a run of a few bad days at work... well the entire nightside crews have had a few bad days and I did not feel like posting, hopefully this will get me out of that funk.)

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