Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crippling Lose

For the most part Monday was just like any other day. I finished up a shoot and we got back to the station and I was doing some pre-work on the story and I thought "It's just after 8:00pm and Law & Order SVU should be on." I flip over to the USA Network and wrestling is on. Since I work till midnight I haven't watched wrestling in a while. I enjoy wrestling, but I'm not into it as much in the past. Sure if I was in Columbus I'd be going over to MT's house for SummerSlam and then over to King Tom's for Wrestlemania, but at most I'd say I'm a casual watcher.

I continue to watch and something seemed off. Why was Curt Angle in this match? Maybe he came back. Is that Chris Jericho? Wow this must be a big night. Then I see Royal Rumble 2004 in the back ground. "Oh it must be a pre-show thing tonight." As I finished thinking this a graphic popped up In memory of Chris Benoit. WHAT? DID THE CANADIAN CRIPPLER DIE? This is shocking news, out of any current wrestler I'd stop what I would be doing and watch his match. I open up a browser and Google Benoit and early reports of finding him and his family dead in their Atlanta home appears on the screen.

I immediately text the man who would know the most, the biggest Benoit fan, MT. Well, MT did not know about his death and he was stunned. For the rest of the night I left wrestling on and continued to glance over to remember how special Benoit was. He could carry any match and usually his match was one of the most memorable match of the night. One of the biggest matched was the already mention 2004 Royal Rumble. Benoit was the first wrestler into the match and an hour later he was the last man standing. I know it's not real, but a feat that was still amazing. Even his short matched were memorable. He lost the United States Championship to what MT called a shlub and his rematch was a Summerslam. The match lasted about a minute and that might be a little long. The comment made by the group at MT's house that's a long as the match needed to be. Benoit was too good for that "shlub."

It's starting to look like it was a murder-suicide committed by Benoit. I'm hoping this is not the case. I've always heard he was a great family man and this would be devastating. Rest In Peace Chris Benoit the wrestling world has lost a great man.

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