Saturday, June 09, 2007

Random Saturday

Today was a busy day, I did a little bit for work, got a hair cut, took a swim with The Wife and then hit some balls so to get this all out here is my Random thoughts on a Saturday:

Late last night I was sent to a scene, but no one knew what was going on or were the exact location of the scene was; all I knew was Rogers Rd. I get out there find out something is going on and that's all the sheriffs will tell me. I had to get up early to judge a contest at work so I though "hell, I'll go out and roll of some day light video." It's not to far from Fried Chicken Dr and won't take that much longer for me to drive into work. I leave early inform them that I am going out so we don't need to send a crew out. I arrive to the middle of nowhere and I have multiple sheriffs and a helicopter flying over head. Well because of my little trip I found out there was a body out there and it may become the lead for the news. SCORE ME! I know a dead body is a sad thing, but this is a morbid business and people love to see this kind of stuff on TV.

And the Award Goes To...
Almost two months ago I got a call see if JDOG-17 would want to judge a contest from Ohio Photographers Anonymous (OPA). We agree and we did the judging this morning. I was really excited because usually you can steal some ideas and I was never able to win one of these contest while in Ohio. Truthfully I was not horribly impressed. There were three or four really good stories, but hell I don't know why I stopped sending in stuff for these awards, I could have placed a few times! It maybe a little hind sight 20/20 but man I bet I could have won a few more awards than I did.

Snip Snip Snip
It's been a while since I got my hair cut and what better time to get one before I go on vacation. I head over to the local semi cheap SportsClips. I got a decent cut, but afterwards I started to think about all the cheap hair cut places I have gone. It's truthfully a roll of the dice if you get a good hair cut, so why do I go? It cost under $20, that's why. Over the last few years I started to notice a few things as well. The people cut the hair usually have bad hair cuts. Why is that? they are "stylists" shouldn't they know if you are a larger woman you may not want ultra short purple hair, or you might find someone with extremely teased out hair. On the other hand if I go to an semi-upscale salon/spa I usually get a great hair cut. Then I see the price and then add in a tip and it can get expensive. I guess you get what you pay for. Go cheap you will look cheap, go up a step pay 15-20 you will get an ok hair cut most of the time. Pay $20-40 and you will get a good cut. I guess you get what you pay for,
Splish Splash
The Wife has been bugging me to go to the pool for about two weeks now. I'm not a big fan of pools, but with a lot of marriages, the wife has veto power and The Wife, well... vetoed me and we went to the pool. I was getting ready and for some reason I thought it would be funny to grab some black socks and put my sandals on. The Wife got the joke, but was not going to let me out with them on. Trust me I was never getting near the door with that outfit on. I still want to know how did any guy think that black socks and sandals was a good idea... just bad... bad. LOOK AT THE PICTURE!

Fore! Well Only When I Can Hit the Ball
The Wife had to work and since the father-in-law is coming in Wednesday to play a little golf and then I'm playing my dad in Ironton I though I might want to get a little practice in. I grab my clubs and my shades and head out in the sweltering heat and head to the driving range. I start out a little off and by a little of I mean I can't hit a broadside of a barn with a club. More and more people are hitting near me and I start tensing up and get worse. It gets to the point where I am going to start throwing clubs and call the father-in-law and tell him to leave the clubs. I dip my head and look at the ball sitting there mocking me "You can't hit me... Oooo feel the breeze!" I take my new sunglasses off to wipe my face and everything seems farther away. I bought a pair of polarized sunglasses, these glasses refract light and I think it was making the ball seem closer than it was and I was topping the ball. I put the glasses on my bag and I start hitting the ball farther and straighter.

So what have I learned today, work likes dead bodies, I should have entered more contests while in Ohio, I need to spend more on haircuts, black socks are not cool and I can't wear sunglasses while hitting a golf ball. I guess knowing is half the battle.

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