Thursday, March 12, 2009


One of the things I have always heard about pregnancy is that the woman gets strange cravings like ice cream and pickles or just instant cravings. The Wife is in denial over the cravings, yet I know the truth and here is a list of the foods she has craved:

  • Ice Cream- This has been the biggest one, I'm guessing at least 5 times.
  • Fish Sticks- I kid you not, why? I don't know be she sees a Long John Silver commercial and she wants fish sticks.
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Mexican Food- I don't mind this at all.
  • Jalapenos- Everything has to have them.
  • McDonald's Pancake Breakfast-One Saturday morning 15 minutes before they stopped serving breakfast I had to run out and get the Deluxe breakfast.
  • Pancakes- Totally different than the above, we had to stop at IHOP for pancakes today after the ultrasound.
  • Salt and Vinegar Chips- She keeps getting a bag for me and before I can get a chip it's gone.
  • Popsicles

There are a few that I can not remember, but she is reading this over my shoulder and the quote was "Mmmmmm Buffalo Wings!" Off to the closest BW3 in Knightdale a good 35 minutes away.

I am being forced to mention that most of these items are also things I crave. What can I say, Logan and I are in sync.

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Shawn, Melissa, Nathan and Titus said...

I'm craving a chocolate covered marshmellow with sprinkles....get moving. Ding Ding Mow