Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One for Me Nineteen to Uncle Sam

Today being tax day I guess I will have to do the obligatory people who are doing there taxes at the last minute. To be honest we sent our government tax in yesterday. We actually finished it back in March, but we owed this year. In the grand scheme of things, its not too much, but still we owed Uncle Sam over $750! So you can see why we waited to pay.

Yet, with all that money going out, North Carolina owed us over $400. Obviously we are using that to help out, and luckily I picked up 46 hours of over time on my last two pay checks. With The Wife's job, it's always going to be like this. We are finding new charities and other tax deductible ways to help out next year, so maybe we can get it down to the point we just send the government what North Carolina sends us. We also may have a big way to get a tax break... more on that later (Crosses fingers).

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