Friday, April 17, 2009

What a Rip Off

With the NHL starting the playoffs and both of my teams (Carolina and Columbus) in the playoffs I want to start watching the games, yet we have one small problem. We cut out about 100 channels on our Dish to save money and of course Verses and FSN Ohio and Carolina are not in the top 125 package.

I heard that the NHL decided to put the games online, all I thought was that's awesome. It's going to be like CBS putting all the NCAA tournament games online! There is one catch, the NHL wants me to pay $79.00 for the entire playoffs. WHAT? After what CBS did you expect me to pay? How about no, I'd rather go to a bar and spend $10 for a beer and nachos. My option tonight is listening to the game on the radio to a guy I can't stand to listen too. Also, he's one man team so I don't get a single second away from his voice. I don't care if he's a hall of famer... I don't like his voice.

The NHL is struggling enough, why not make it free so that you can at least get some decent numbers and tell people, "See, people were watching us!" Put a few commercials in there to recoup some of your money. Stupid NHL, no wonder ESPN would rather have the PBA and College Softball.

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