Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Pollen Pollen Everywhere

I've written this before, but Still two years down here and I am still amazed at the pollen that comes with early spring. I have pretty bad allergies and right now I am doped up on Sudefed and Claritin Yet that's not the biggest problem right now. It's the yellow dusting coating everything inside and out. You can no longer describe your car without adding yellowish to the color.

This is the first spring in our house and it's annoying to see this yellow haze all over the kitchen floor. With The Wife still in a nesting phase this is driving her crazy. I think we went through a pack of Swiffer cloths in a week. Then you have the porch and deck are covered, you can't do anything, it's like trying to shovel the show in the middle of a blizzard.

We have had a few good rain showers and you would think that would clear up this mess. What it actually does pools it low lying areas and then when it dries, blows back onto everything. I love the warmth of the season, but this is the worst thing about living here... stupid pine trees!

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