Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Holy Mother Of Crap!

I took two weeks off from writing about Lost because I had a bad couple of weeks. When I say bad I mean the worst possible weeks. I'm feeling a little better and then I watched Sundown and things blew up! In the previous two weeks we learned about how Locke always lived under the idea of you could not tell him what to do. Well in the sideways we learn his life was kind of pathetic and then he finally stopped living by that mantra and moved on. Then last week we learn about Jack and his reversal from a man of science to maybe a man of faith. He wants the island to fix him.

This week we learn about Sayid's sideways life. To be honest not that interesting till the end, more on that later. Any time the story revolves around Sayid there is usual lots of blood and people getting hurt and tonight was an uber dose of this. First we get a kung fu fight between Sayid and Dogen and then he stabs faux Locke and more killing later with Sayid turning "evil." What do you expect to happen The Others? you tortured him and then tried to kill him multiple times. Did you think that was not going to turn him? If that happened to me and then faux Locke offered to bring back my love a la Star Wars prequel I would probably do it.

Also this whole crazy Claire thing is creepy great, and I can't wait for her to try and kill Kate. You know it is happening and it's going to get all crazy. This makes me wonder if Rousseau was "in the fold" with Smokey. I'm hoping this gets addressed in a later episode because it is just too not be a coincident.

We have also got a little Survivor Lost going on here and the sides are starting to form. On the side of faux Locke/evil is Sayid, Claire and Sawyer on the side of Jacob/good we have Jack and Hurley then the current neutrals are Jin, Sun, Miles and Kate. I know I'm not the only one to noticed this but at the end when the survivors of the smokey attack walked out Kate did not get a head nod fro faux Locke. I think he doesn't want Kate and truthfully who would. I put Sawyer in the evil camp, but I have a feeling that he is going to split and go his own way as usual.

Oh Kate, why do you screw everything up? She is the worst kind of bad penny and I think faux Locke knows this. Think about it, she screws everything up. When Kate told Miles she was going to see Claire I knew she was going to blather on about Aaron and now she may die. Kate needs to learn that forcing the issue is not her strong suit and needs to maybe go with the flow for a while. She got in the way with Jack then Sawyer, wanted to take care of Aaron even though she has no connection to him and that's just a sample of her idiocy.

Back to Sayid turning all Jack Bauer in every universal plain. I loved the fight scene with Keamy the gangster. You just felt that he was going to go all 24 on the room and he did. Keamy tried to plead but was killed for the second time, not a good track record. The look in Sayid's eyes when Ben tried to rescue him was great, total crazy and totally looking for blood. I was surprised he did not stab Ben.

The battle lines for the island have been drawn and it looks like it's Jack and Hurley against everyone else. Now to the more random thoughts:

Boomerang in the house is always a bad idea.

I missed the creepy sounds of smokey followed by total destruction.

I guess not having the money was a bad thing for Jin.

How is everyone able it keep getting back into the temple? Seriously, everyone has been waltzing in and out of that place, some fortress.

Little something from previous weeks. I think the lighthouse belongs to Jacob and the cave is faux Locke's. We saw organization with Jacob and I think the randomness in the cave is a trait of faux Locke. When asked about the numbers faux Locke had no idea what they were about. We learned they are degrees. Why everyone is important is still up for debate.

I think Adam and Eve are Jin and Sun.


King Tom said...

Glad I'm not the only one who wants to see Claire go all crazy-mommy on Kate!

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