Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Name Ideas

If you have not been contacted by or have heard through the grapevine, The Wife is starting to sell Pampered Chef. She is gone head first in and already been to a conference and has 8 shows booked from now till March. As she is sitting here I am being poked with a Pampered Chef 5" utility knife (an all purpose knife and is only $38.00) until I put a link to The Wife's online site. Man that knife is sharp!

At the above said conference she was given an idea and I am involved. The new spring and summer catalog has a grill line and guess what? I am now having a Pampered Chef show. The only problem is, it's a Pampered Chef show. I know guys sell and buy Pampered Chef, but it is not a guy friendly name. The Wife has already started asking people to come to my yet unscheduled show and an idea came from it.

Brian, a guy from our life group, made a comment we need to have a formal name and then have it "sponsored" by Pampered Chef. Like;
Meatapalooza 2010
presented by Pampered Chef

See that gives it a manly feel but we all know that Pampered Chef has something to do with it but we get to grill out and eat some kind of meat and possible buy cool stuff to make grilling even better.

The thing is I need is more ideas on what to call this show. The above is one option but here is a list of others and pitch in your own in the comments. If you suggest the winning name I'll get The Wife to give you a free citrus peeler or one of those bag closer things. The current list of names are:

Meatapalooza 2010
Grilled Meats Fest
Get In My Belly Special
Fire Made It Better, The Outdoor Addition
Grillageddon, A Meat Thing

Share and you might be invited, who am I kidding if you have ever met me, The Wife is going to invite you. I might even get a giant grill out of this... tax right off because it will be used in shows. HOLLA!

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