Monday, January 11, 2010

This Ain't Flipper

Jeff Foxworthy use to do a bit about when he was a kid and the President was on television it was a total catastrophe "Oh, no the Presidents on, we're gonna miss Flipper!" Times have changed and even more than I had thought. A TV show has forced Obama to change the time or the date of his State of the Union address. What show could possible force the leader of the free world to do so or maybe it's a super natural force from the Earth that is creating this change. Would it have anything to do with Ben Linus and John Locke? Yes it does, that show is Lost.

Not just any episode of the greatest show on ABC, but the premiere of the last season. As you can tell I am a follower of Lost and I have been waiting for a new episodes since the credits rolled on May 13th. Regretfully I have devoted a lot of time to this show and I want answers to the show. The thing with Lost is if you miss one minute of the show, that's it, your done because you missed something. I just know that if I am not watching it live I might miss not find out what "smokey" really is because my DVR will crap out.

I understand the importance of the State of the Union it's the Presidents way of telling the nation what he plans to do for the next year. The only problem is with ability to send information out to the masses in an instant, the State of the Union has become nothing more than a campaign PR moment. He's going to talk about health care, the economy, the wars, people in the audience that have done something and he will get about 50 standing ovations which will push the address time to about and hour. Then of course NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox News will have a pissing match as to who will be on longer and will fill their airwaves with pundits on both sides of the politic aisle as they try and push for their parties views. Because this is what America wants, mindless blather by people who think they are smarter than the masses.

It may be blasphemy but I won't learn anything from the State of the Union, if there is something new it won't amount to anything. Remember when Bush mentioned hydrogen fuel, how did that work out I haven't seen Howie Long push one of those yet. I get the whole pushing the agenda thing but I am unemployed and can't get a call back to save my life, Just let me watch Lost and have a moment where I don't have to worry about losing my house or why I can't find a job.

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