Friday, February 06, 2009

What's In A Name

As The Wife and I are now in the second trimester we have been thinking names. As I have mentioned in an earlier post we came up with a girls name, drum roll please, Isabella. That was the easy part, the hard part has been boy names. We have gone over this many times and we have a list;

  • Logan
  • Dylan
  • Brylan
  • Satchel

Of course you know what that means... BABY NAME POLL! The last one was a pretty big hit and you know what lets try it again and this is how we came up with each name.

Logan- The Wife mentioned it first and I liked it for completely different reason than hers. WOLVERINE! Now if I can convince the doctor to add adamantium claws we would be set.

Dylan- This was from The Wife, I'm OK with this one, not my fave, but it would be OK.

Brylan- All I know is The Wife came home and was all giddy over the name. I am not a fan, but that's why we are doing this post.

Satchel- This is after the baseball player Satchel Paige. I like baseball and I think it would be a great name.

We have the middle name all picked out... Ash

Ash- I am shocked that The Wife has allowed this one to fly. Let me remind you of the two reasons for this name. First is an homage to the greatest B level actor of all times Bruce Campbell. One of my favorite movies starring Ole Brucey was Army of Darkness and his character name was Ash. Then second is my favorite band happens to be named Ash. It's a powerful name and it is awesome!

That's the list, then of course you have the joke name Englebert. Vote and vote often people.... ROCK THE VOTE!


Benjamin Canady said...

Logan is TOTALLY the way to go. If you go with Brylan...then his initials are in Streisand...that can't happen.

And ASH could be the coolest middle name ever! Army of Darkness is absolutely one of the best classics of all time.

If you didn't go with ASH, you could always go with Wolfgang to go with Logan. You know he's gonna need an X tattoo at some point in his life.

micah Riffle said...

While I like the name Logan, the name Dylan Baker sounds better to me. However, if you use Ash as the middle name you have DAB as opposed to LAB as initials.

Shawn, Melissa, Nathan and Titus said...

Why don't you name him Cash. Initial would be CAB. Now that's job security...he has to be a cabbie...that's about as far away from news as you can get

Mike Powers said...

How about "Breaker". Breaker Baker! Awesome! or "Eazy". See how your wife likes those. Of course my wife would'nt let me call our son "Majic". I thoought Majic Powers would be a great name for a kid.

J Dog said...

The Mother LOVES the name Cash, but I can't be a Johnny Come Lately.