Friday, December 15, 2006

Lack of post = lack of sleep

I've had about six different post I've wanted to do since I moved to Raleigh: the new pad and Christmas tree place called Booger Mountain. I'm serious Booger Mountain, you can't make that up. Why haven't I posted anything? Well I blame my new schedule or the lack of a schedule. Since I've started working at JDOG-17 (The new station name) I have worked 9am-6pm, 2am-11am, 11am-8pm and 3am-noon. I've been all over the map and this will not end until after the holidays. I'm the new guy and everyone is taking time off so I'm the filler guy.

I get home every day and pretty much it in my recliner and watch movies or should I say watch half and fall asleep and wake up to the credits. I'm hoping that when I get off at work tomorrow at 11am I can at least get a picture of Booger Mountain.


dcz said...

I think I knew a kid in elementary school named "booger-mountain."

Adam said...

I demand more frequent post! Be damned with no sleep. I sugest you try crack, I hear its better than No-Doze.
Oh yea, and a picture of you on bogger mountain.